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Water Lube

Water Lube is a water-based formulation, used during the manufacture of paper tissue and towel products in the paper converting industry. It replaces mineral oil lubricants and avoids build-up of laminating glues, fibres and dust on the steel embossing and rubber marrying rollers.


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Water Lube



Latest chemical solution for the tissue manufacturing industry:

A waterbased cleaning chemical custom formulated for the paper converting industry.

A specialised mineral oil replacement chemical manufactured for process lubrication in the tissue production industry.

History of process lubrication:

In the production of tissue products a process embossing-lamination application is used to improve the visual appearance, increase the bulk and the overall absorbency of the product.

Traditionally problems were encountered during the embossing-lamination process, which were caused by the build-up of dust, fibers and sticky deposits on the steel embossing and rubber marrying rolls, requiring the use of mineral oil based lubrication.

Process Explanation:

As the embossing rollers work into the plies -  fibers, dust, sticky deposits and other contaminants from the web, stick to the surface of the steel embossing rollers.

This accumulation of foreign material changes the appearance of the pattern and the quality of the product.

The solution to this accumulation is to apply a lubricant on the surface of the steel embossing and rubber marrying rollers using spray nozzles and compressed air.

This lubricant prevents fibers, dust and sticky deposits building up on the surface of the embossing rubber rollers so that further contaminants cannot adhere to the surface.

Process Problems:

The contaminants, process speed and the oil based lubricant have led on occasions to friction fires during the manufacturing process.

Friction fires fed by the surrounding paper and oil, created significant safety problems for the paper converting industry

The requirement therefore was to find an economical, environmental friendly lubricant solution, that could be applied without causing a flammable oil mist from the compressed air delivery system. If the product was odourless and could be food grade approved as well – it would be the perfect solution.


Water Lube is specifically designed for use during the manufacture of paper tissue and towel products in the paper converting industry. Its water-based formulation is designed to replace the use of mineral oil lubricants which have been traditionally used to avoid the build-up of laminating glues, fibres and dust on the steel embossing and rubber marrying rollers.

Main Features:

Water Lube is a 100% biodegradable, odourless, chemical and a safer replacement for mineral oil based lubrication chemicals used in the embossing process of steel to steel, pin to pin, nested, micro-deco, micro-macro, perf and fan.

Technical Benefits:

Water Lube has a low alkaline pH, no flash point and eliminates the possibility of friction fires generated by the process.
The chemical is more economical than traditional mineral lubrication products.
Water Lube is a food-grade approved formulation.


Water Lube is spray applied in-line during the production process in an undiluted form. The formulation however will not damage surrounding surfaces or equipment.


It is recommended that the surfaces to be cleaned or treated should initially be tested with a small amount of the selected chemical in a non-critical area, to determine if any adverse reaction takes place.


Refer appropriate MSDS before handling and use.
Avoid long-term contact with non-ferrous materials.
Always rinse thoroughly with water

Spray System Functions:


Autojet Gun Specifications:

  • Best practice solution for the safe use of Water Lube
  • Model 1007-PWM
  • Autojet manual override
  • Gun AAB 10000AUH-H
  • Fluid nozzle TPU150025-SI 15 gr.
  • Fluid nozzle TPU 000021-SS 25 gr
  • Electrically  controlled gun.
  • Total System Cost = 1500 Euros/Unit